Sunday, December 13, 2009

River walking

Workout: 30 minutes walking Saturday and Sunday along the Kamo River
Feeling: Great to be alive and outside
Dessert: Lisa to talk with on Saturday

Kyoto has one of the nicest rivers to walk along. Lined with old buildings, homes, new hotels, and trendy restaurants, filled with birds and clean water, and right in the middle of the city the Kamo is like a vital vein for this city's health! I feel so lucky when I have the chance to walk there.

Lisa and I agreed to meet and walk from Kyoto to Sanjo and at a nice pace we got there in about 40 minutes. Today, I walked from my friends house to Sanjo in about 30 minutes. My mind was blank and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually marveled for a few moments that my mind was blank. So seldom happens.

Tomorrow I will go back to aerobics I think. Not sure which one I want to do, but I am glad Nadine told me to get by ass in gear. I actually pictured myself doing sit ups when she said it. Grrr!

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