Thursday, December 10, 2009

I like 20/10

Workout: Kathy Smith 20 minute mixed with calorie bursts (of which I did 3 of the bursts), 10 minute stretch :)
Feeling: Better. My headache is gone!
Dessert: I bought a small crochet hook

I have made a concerted effort to take the steps at ALL stations, even the ones with stupidly long lasting climbs. Well, once I took the elevator, but I had bags.

I didn't workout yesterday, though I should admit that if I had tried, I could have squeezed in a 20 minute one between my morning and evening work. My excuse is that I didn't sleep well the night before. Not such a good one, but did I mention all those steps!?

Well, tomorrow is another day and I am home working, so no excuses, I'll be back!

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