Monday, August 23, 2010

Hotter 'an H-E- doubles hockey sticks!

If only it were a cold as a hockey rink... but I'd complain about that, too. It is my third day with no AC. Working at home while sitting in my own sweat is just... well, I keep thinking that it is good for my skin. A cold shower at the end of the day is the liquid form of heaven. Amen!

Hiro is working everyday, but it was slow on Saturday and Sunday, so we went off in search of an AC on Saturday, right about the time that I have to do something less I succumb to the jet lag. They say it is easier traveling home and I think they say it because it is true. I've had no real problem, minus the first day when I headed into class looking like a zombie. 10 minutes in and it was like it never happened. So much for that.

I've managed to do all the laundry and tonight made a Japanese-Italian fusion dinner that included zucchini multigrain rice with garlic and parmesan, hijiki pepperochini, and sliced tomatoes with garden picked basil, fresh mozzarella, sprinkled with S&P and drizzled with olive oil. Scrumptious!

Speaking of food, I miss the humus of home. And I also miss making homemade granola. So nice when it is warm out of the oven and great with Chobani greek yogurt in the morning or as an afternoon snack. Sigh. Will be home again in 4 months and what do I have to moan about really when fall in Japan offers some seriously delish produce (Hello, pumpkin!) (Nice to see you again persimmons!). Yup, my NHK "kyo no gohan" (Tonight's Dinner) is all marked with the recipes I want to try.

Otherwise, I am back to running but still doing aerobics. PA was the perfect temp for running and the scenery was so nice I wanted to be outside in it. So, I started walking, which turned into walk-running. PA is shaped like a western woman, rolling hills in all the right places, so I got used to running on inclines of different degrees and it has made running on flat land here simple. So, we'll see if I keep it up or throw my hands up and say, "Kathy Smith, take me away!"