Saturday, January 10, 2009


7 year old Zachary

Zach is in second grade and is still a cute, innocent little boy with his eyes wide open to the world. Here are some of my favorite conversations heard and had: 

Brother: "Zach, what did you do while we were gone?"
Zach: "I learned a lot, Dad. 
Brother: "And what is it that you learned?"
Zach: "Ladies first. And don't eat before everyone is seated and served. It's rude."

Lexi: "Crap."
Zach: "Lexi, don't say the 'K' word."

Zach: "Catie, if you need someone to keep this book safe for you, you know, I could do it."
Catie: "Thanks Zach. I think I need to think about that. This is a special book and I need to decide if I want to take it back to Japan."
Zach: "OK, but if you want someone to keep it safe for you I'm the person who can do that."

Zach: "Catie, come see what I did."
Catie: "OK."
Zach: "So I organized this. Here are the books you gave me. This bunny one and the other ones. And here is the red stapler..." 
Catie: "Know what? That was my stapler in college. And before that it was Nana's!"
Zach: "Well now it is in my showcase."

Zach: "Catie, I am going to put my glasses right here in this drawer, just like my Dad does." 
Catie: "OK. Good idea, cause then you will know where they are."
Zach: "Yeah, just like my Dad."

Zach (paraphrasing what he said to my friend Kate and her sister): This is the movie Scooby Doo. It has this snowman who is evil. You can have a snowman, but he can't really be evil. But, you can have a real snowman and a real evil man, so I think it is realistic fiction.

Zach has many qualities of a good learner. He asks all the imperative questions, reads like a librarian, and has the glasses to complete the look. Totally precious!

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