Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back in Nippon

I am now back. I thought I would list the highlights of being home. I am terribly jet lagged and trying hard to stay awake until 10 p.m. Lot's to accomplish between now and then, but right now, this may be all I can muster the energy for...

my nephews
father's turkey dinner
brother's Italian pasta dinner
hiking to Inspiration Point with Kathryn
playing Wii with Julian
wine tasting with Todd
Licky Lila the dog
seeing Anita and John
seeing Jenna (and Robin after 25+ years)
listening to my nephews karaoke
driving the old Merz
long talks with my sister-in-law
annoying my brother Todd
making nephew Ian laugh (a rare occurrence nowadays)
Mexican food
seeing my brother at the studio
amazing salads
Sees assorted chocolates
drinking Carol tea

giving Brian and Karen a vacation
learning about my family's history (see some below)
Zach reading to me
Zach's various Zachisms (see next post)
long talks with Lexi
Lexi confiding in me ("Catie, can I talk to you?")
driving a minivan with kids in it to the grocery store and holding hands with Zach in the parking lot
fixing healthy meals for the family 
changing, bathing, and otherwise caring for my mother
treating the family for 10 days
helping to go through the storage unit (sorry I couldn't help more)
annoying brother Brian
the tread mill (didn't gain a pound, but managed to eat many a yummy thing!)
fighting about who is Mom's favorite with Brian (Brian, you know I am her favorite!)
tucking Zach in at night
Lucy the dog
seeing Kate and Jen
the family talking to Hiro on the phone
having Zach read to me or when he wasn't in the mood watching game shows while running on the treadmill (Yes, I am a Loser, but the fun competition, suspense and people loosing their shit when they win something is just so damned exciting)
baby back ribs
lights at the Botanical Gardens
drinking Sam Adams

Things I didn't get to do
go to a movie
eat a steak (but I managed to have Tilapia 3 times!)
eat Ben and Jerry's
talk to Rachael or Megan
renew my license
see Paw-Paw

Things I learned
My sister-in-law needs more support in caring for Mom
I'll probably be a good mother
My family has entered a new stage- the stage of dealing with teenagers
My Mom's mother's family is from Italy (Champione) and Spain (Solis)
Some of our Italian ancestors fought at Waterloo
We have a great grandfather whose family settled in Syracuse NY (where eldest brother, Bob, has settled)
My great great grandmother on my Mom's side was the first female post mistress in Texas
I no longer cringe when I think about moving back to the States

Things I missed about Japan
my pillow and bed
sleeping next to Hiro, holding hands while falling asleep
speaking Japanese

Things I miss about America:
My family
central heating

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