Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In case you were wondering...

...what rice looks like when forgotten in the rice cooker for several hot days. To be fair, the rice didn't change, but the cooker was the perfect host for this web of mold. It made a perfect cloud like nest, resembling cotton or the womb of tent caterpillars. Hungry?

...I am thinking I should share recipes which I get from popular cooking magazines, but translate them into English and add my touch.

...I can now run 3.5ish km. Before, if I said 3.8, I was mistaken. I take it back. Might get there tomorrow though as 3.5 is getting easier.

...We will be camping for 3 days with our friends. There we were last year. One of my favorite 3 day weekends of the year!

And finally... the cool Autumn air has come to us, bringing rain and breezes to a very parched populace. The plants probably don't mind either.

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