Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Magnificent weather, friends, views and, of course, the river. This trip to Eigenji was one of my favorites. 10 people stayed over night and the laughter was one of the best parts. Like anyone, I love laughing, but what I really mean here is the way some people's laughter sounds! I was with people who had unbridled, affected and just plain charming laughter. One, my dear old friend, has a laugh that could rival Goofy's. Li and I were waiting on the edge of our seats for something to strike his funny bone just right, so his normal laugh would go Goofy and finally, it did! Twice. I nearly pissed myself when I looked at Li. The other was Mari, whose strong laugh commanded attention and made us laugh even harder. It is an "I-don't-give-an-ef-what-you-think-cause-that-is-funny" laugh. Which means it was loud and done without covering her mouth. She is now one of my favorite people.

We arrived around 3 after visiting grandma in the hospital. She is about the size of a chimpanzee to begin with, but prior to the month in the hospital, she was also nearly as strong. Now, I think her strength rates somewhere around an active 70 year old. Problem is, compared to a chimp, that is a step back. She is quite worried about having lost her 93 year old muscle mass and does her best to get around with the tubes in. We are hoping she will be out next week.

Li had arrived already with Mashi and were trying to decide which spots to take. Our perfect place from last year was occupied, the owner having mistaken where we had requested. In the end it was perfect. Our living/dining area was shaded and right next to the river sink, and the slope down to the river was just on the right. At the bottom, a small sandy spot led us into the cool water where fish and turtles were caught by our small campers, Sara and Rin.

You may notice I don't have pictures. I think I have become a total slog when it comes to snapping shots recently. I hardly took any when I was home either. I find it cumbersome to always have a camera and I forget my phone is one.

Speaking of phones, I had reception out there, which was impressive as Softbank (the iPhone carrier) has notoriously bad service. Maybe it has improved? I used it only once in 24 hours; for music when I did a run the first afternoon. 32 minutes and a lot of uphill! I didn't even stretch but jumped right into the cold river, floating down stream without a care in the world. Lisa said to wait until I get runner's euphoria. Then I will really wonder what worldly cares are or perhaps ever were! Sounds like taking drugs!

Unable to keep my eyes open further I will sign off. But, I want to report that I am running over 4 km now, and my love for camping, nature and friends runs deeper than 4 days ago. I am grateful for the blessings in my life and I hope I can always sustain these bonds and see the good through it all, enjoying laughter all along the way.

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  1. Am just catching up on all your posts, hun! Wow! Nice one. You're running more, writing more...nice!!