Friday, March 19, 2010

We did a little extra

Workout: Wk2D2+5 minute more, 10 minutes stretching
Feeling: Great!
Dessert: Hubby is cooking dinner!

I thought on D1 we did 5 minutes less than we should have, so I taked on 5 more minutes by mistake. What's great is that we felt great at the end, put our hands together in thanks, and held hands during the cool down walk. I was quite sore after the other day, maybe more the yoga after than anything, but we took 3 days off in between, mostly because of Hiro's late returns each night. No complaints because tonight was brilliant, and well, we plan to go again tomorrow. He gets home earlier and we want to stay on track with the training. I skipped yoga today so I wouldn't feel so sore. We'll see how it goes.

I see runners now and I don't think, man, they are crazy. I think, man, they are cool and they make it look so easy. So maybe one day it will be easier? Maybe more days will be like tonight, when I forget to look at the clock to see if I can walk yet, or pick up the pace on the last leg, like an olympic jumper who springs like a gazelle before leaping into the sand pit. Well, maybe not so sprightly, but that's how I look in my head: healthy, full of tenacity, determined to get further than the last time.

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