Monday, March 15, 2010

How time flies...

I spent five weeks thinking about writing this post, so here it goes!  Five weeks ago I did the splits, first time since high school. I   graduated in 1996. OUCH! I should also mention for your laughing   pleasure that this painful event didn't happen in the privacy of my   home or because I was trying to make my husband randy. No. It happened   on an icy main road, while in the middle ( as in dead center) of a   cross walk, while wearing a skirt. Yes, Kyoto traffic has been   personally introduced to my stockinged bits. You're welcome! 

My body  hurt so bad that walking sent pangs into my knees and ankles, muting   my hurting ego, slightly. So, take some time off, fine, had   carpenters and contractors at our place every night anyway asking us   what flooring, wall paper, etc we wanted. No running.  And then Saturday came and I thought, "Gee, my throat sure does feel   scratchy and boy, I don't feel at all up to the long awaited girls'   night tonight." I love a good party, so that was all I needed to   realize that I was sick! And by sick, I mean it took 2 weeks to get better.   No voice, achy, and just generally felt miserable! No fever, which I   just never seem to get and I am convinced therefore that everything   takes longer to go away.

Then, we moved! All 3 tons of our stuff was carried down one flight into a truck, driven a mile, and then loaded into an elevator until finally being carried down one flight and into our shiny new place. How those young bucs managed to carry al 3 tons, well, I dunno'. Wait, yes, I do! They were mega young. But very good at their job .The leader was so cute telling his younger counterpart how to move this and that so no scratches would be left. Good kids, I'd say. THough, if they had been my students, I am pretty sure they would have been the ones who were staring out the windows...

So, here I am, 5 weeks later and we have just done, wait for it...

Wk2D1. Terrbly behind, but at least we are on the running wagon! Doubt we can do 6 K in the race, but I will be thrilled to run 3 and walk the other 3. That's life, you know, do what you can. Hope is not gone and I got my health!


  1. On first glance I didn't like your profile pic, but then it hit me. You seem ready to laugh, scream, shout talk or fart. This is the essential Cat that I know and love.

  2. Hahahahahahaha! Love that that's what you picked up!