Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Letter to my niece

Hey Honey!

It is my greatest pleasure to be your Aunt. I am able to instill in you an awareness of what life holds when you become an adult. You will have many, many choices. Choices increase as you get older. However, it is hard to know what the right choice is, so we have to develop skills that make us good decision makers. I think I am doing well in my choices, and I want you to have similar success. My family never gave up on me, even when I made stupid choices. I think they knew I could LEARN FROM those misses. I believe you can, too, as you are showing that you have learned from some of yours. I promise to not give up on you!

I think the most important things to remember about life are 1) learn from your mistakes (though sometimes you will make the same mistake twice, just don't do it a third or fourth time!) 2) remember that things will always get better, even when you feel so desperate and that everything is bad 3) don't give up on what you want in life.

Well, we have so much more to talk about. Life is a journey, not a destination, Lexi! I am so happy to be part of your journey!

I love you deeply!

Aunt Catie

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