Monday, September 19, 2011

Freaky freaking. Updated

Next time you want to insult someone, call them a "Mucousis Invertibratis Caputidifalicous" or simply, "You, Leopard slug!" Here is why.

Name-calling aside, this is some impressively aesthetic reproduction for a creature perhaps never regarded as sexy or for that matter not-disgusting! Fact is truly stranger than fiction.

Xes and Oes to my few but so appreciated readers!

PS- Funnily, I googled the Latin name above and got a great big zero for results, minus some porn.

PPS- Could the narrator have had any more of a Canadian accent? I postulate not.


Check out this situation in FL. Apparently, giant slugs from Africa have entered the State (ya' know, so people could drink the slug juices in a religious ceremony). Being non-native, they are causing a raucous. They lay 1,200 eggs a year, eat 500 different kinds of leafy greens and can carry a strain of meningitis humans can catch!

First, this is further proof of human's inferior capacity to procreate! I can't believe we lose to snails in number and aesthetics! Sheesh! Second, FL is lush, but imagine 18,000 of them eating their vegetarian asses through your neighborhood. And the poo! Third, I hope no one spreads the rumor that you can trip by licking them. I can totally see some high schoolers rounding them up and having a taste. Lick, lick, give mo' fo's! Check out the article here.

As an aside, happy 3-day weekend to my fellow Japan dwellers! May the sunshine be plentiful and time for friends, family and fun abound!


  1. Where my sweet Catie or rather how did you come across this fine piece of film?


  2. Oh my, dear girl....oh my!! I concur...Canadian accent at its best and the humor, spot on. LMAO. That was pretty cool though, I'd agree.

  3. OMG, Cat! That was hilarious! I can't decide if I want to post it to FB or not!