Monday, August 22, 2011


Utah. Here it is in 20 pictures. Quality is pish, all taken from my iPhone 3GS. I didn't bring my good camera. Blasted!

Yet, I think you will see the varied landscapes, textures and colors of this supremely stereotyped state of Mormons. I met a few and everyone was nice. All I care about though is that I want to go back and take more pictures with a better camera. So. much. more. to. see.


Sniff. Sniff.

Near Dad's place.

Also at Fish Lake, A NATURAL RIVER! Never seen one of those in Japan (not totally true, but I can count on one hand how many I have seen in concrete Japan).

Landscape of Capitol Reef National Park, reflected in the window of an old Mormon school from the 1800s.

Petroglyphs. Look in the V above the rocks on the lower half of the picture.

Driving through the park.

Daddy in the driver's seat on our way home from Capitol Reef Park near his home in Teasdale.

Next day, heading to Bryce Canyon we stopped many times to look around. Here are lizard prints. They were everywhere.

This part of UT is a lot less rich in color. It is like the Goth side of the state. The black streaks at the top of the ridges are coal. Cool.

Siblings. What a nice bonding time this trip was for us. Just the three of us and our Dad. It was good to see G as he has matured. We saw some of our side of the family in him and that was really exciting. I really felt like his big sis!


Evidence of rain, wind and snowmelt. Sweet.

Having a wee. Bare with.. bare with...


Ride home from Bryce.

Back to Capitol Reef for a hike. Nay, G and I got caught in a shit rain storm and rivers were cropping up here and there. We lost the trail a few times, but we pulled through, if not covered in red mud. G was very happy he didn't cry. I was proud of all of us.

Nay and G competing to see who could get the most points hitting different spots on the rock: 5, 10, 15 points. Nay won.

We did several of these rock throwing competitions, as well as some games of pickle ball and a whole lot of reading of the Michael Phelps book, since G is a potential Olympic-eyed swimmer.

I am so glad I finally went to see where my Daddy lives. I missed it when I left. Dad knows wonderful people and the surroundings are unmistakable. Utah is a statement piece. Go West!

The visit gets a 9 out of 10 for me. The loss of one point is because so much of life in America involves riding in cars. I suck at cars. Maybe that is why I live in Japan?

Check back in a few for the Pittsburgh Zoo with Bri and kids! What an adventure that was!


  1. Thank you for the photos and memories shared.


  3. How beautiful! Must have been hard to leave...

  4. It is a place I long to go to again, missbehaving! Would be wonderful to someday go with the women folk I love so much!