Saturday, November 6, 2010

A. Little. Bit. More.

Anyone who knows me professionally knows I am not a nighttime thinker. Past 9 p.m. it gets so terribly difficult for me to, um, what's that word? Um, oh, THINK! ;-)

So, I often think "A. Little. Bit. More" towards the end of the 9-10 p.m. Statistics class. Thankfully it all gets recorded so I can go back and watch it all again.

Today, I went running after a 5 day recess. I went my usual route and I kept noting that it didn't seem long. Talk about a switch. I decided to go A. Little. Bit. More. and repeated it in my breathing as I went that extra stretch.

I also noticed a suspicious weird dude on a bike wearing a hat and a black mask. Pulled out my "firefly" just in case and figured that the middle of the day is a perfect time to run on my own. It gets too dark in the winter at night. I need more light. A. Little. Bit. More.

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