Friday, October 15, 2010

Proud Hiro Keep on Rollin'

My cold is gone and really I have my husband to thank. He insisted I go to the Dr. immediately, instead of waiting it out and spiraling into a snotty, black hole with no voice. By Monday I felt normal-ish and went about my shopping, cleaning and cooking routine. Tuesday I worked out after work and that was that as far as any health concerns went.

Wednesday I had one of my best runs, only to be topped tonight. I am still running just 4.87 km at a 10 minute mile pace, but I expect I can get up to 5 km soon. I certainly am a day/night runner, not a morning runner. Mornings I am mentally on the ball, but physically not so much. And again, I must thank my hubby for riding along with me, warming dinner while I am stretching and showering and then doing the dishes. Overall, he is really a helpful man!

I think I am lucky in that our division of labor is pretty even when balanced out with our work schedules. He does the stuff I hate: dishes, bathrooms and showers and I do the stuff I like: cooking, vacuuming (I love that the most because a clean floor is like a clean soul, IMHO) and laundry. Ok, I hate laundry, but I like it more than smelling like sh*t, so I can deal. Plus I absolutely hate how Hiro hangs up wet clothing. There, I said it.

Anywho, I feel grateful for Hiro. He often says he is proud of himself for marrying me. Funny way to put it, but I get it. I married someone nicer than I am, so I guess I can feel proud I spotted that in him and knew not to let him go. No one is perfect and I'll take him being nice over, I dunno', someone with clothes hanging skills.

Thanks, Hiro!

PS- While I cooked all of this, Hiro put it together so nicely! Miso soup with loads o' stuff (cabbage, sticky potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, daikon, tofu, fried tofu, and a little pork), calcium-in-your-face hijiki (sea vegetable) with little fish, carrot and shirataki and finally, the terribly out of place but oh so delicious Mediterranean Chicken Apricot Burgers (again) on baby leaf.


  1. Yummy looking. Healthy looking. Way to go!

  2. Very Nice... You definatly could have done worse. Funny I like Hiro better than you. Why you ask? Because mom love you more than she love me! My daughter thinks you are her hero. An obviously I have real self esteem issues. Oh never mind! Love you Catie aka. boogs