Monday, June 1, 2009

Training to Graduation

I gave my first collegiate teacher training on Saturday. I say collegiate because it was for a college, not a professional organization or publisher.  I am extremely pleased with how I did it. It was not just a "Things you can do on Monday" training, but one which incorporated brainstorming and reflection. A balanced approach. 

One teacher commented after, "You have philosophy, something Japanese teacher education lacks." I am not sure if that is wholly true, but I suppose that has been her experience. I didn't have philosophy before my MA, and it really made me feel that the two hard years I spent going for it were totally worth it! I leave for graduation on July 15th! 

Happy that Daddy is coming to see me walk. Happy too that I can talk with the current second year students about my research. While I consider it a bit of a mess (it was my first one), it makes me happy to give some pointers about maybe what NOT to do, and that even if it is messy, you will still get something very valuable out of it. And once it is done, you have so much sleep to look forward to!


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  1. Good for you, Cat! Sounds like it was quite the presentation. You rock! I'm sure it will feel great to walk at that graduation and extra special to have your dad there! Yeah!